Saturday 15 January 2011

Flag Falls i.

No one absolutely, no one actually comes out and says the obvious.

Forget the falling shit, just stand back and look.

i9/11 was an iSNUFF movie.

So the next one will pass us Ibye.

What are we looking for next?

Here and here .

The next one is the real one and will demonstrate to us if the funny money PONZI press has relocated to take the piss out of young men and women.

Military set backs are OK if the money is there to dump on the soon to be dead.

No money and soon to be dead means the special still of fiat lucre has gone from us.

Just looking, at the center of ops in RCE/TA.

The signature has been always unwise the same.

Betrayal after betrayal after betrayal.

Expect nothing but betrayal, that is what a human resources, little red book, manager reviewing that CV would say.

We must understand that action is not the antidote to the mallaisse. Minute applied thought is.

Listen hard and listen long. The infinite wailing of all dead that were and are to come matches the printing of counterfiet everything. Even death is a fraud in the perpetual theft of life.

All you legions….

The new Jerusalem has not misdirected Rome. Look closely at the return to Rome’s, today, fools.

The Affliction awaits, again. In iBabylon.

Are you not getting the Icyclic yet?

The Icyclic harvests the pigs and kills them in their luxury. The Icyclic is derived from our hate. It is iProdded from us in our envy. The poor fools elevated to be in Icharge do not understand the power they release from us.

That is because the, our wII, is us and not subject to iCSI.

If they can get their heads together and perturb causality? Cause fiat money to fart its disturbance. Emit a great stain on humanity. Bewitch the ignorant and fool the stulted. Soil every minute of every day with crime and grime.

To sour our soul and every action into a murder.

Imagine what WE, all the beautiful free billions of us. could do.

Game on.

They are NOT.

Anathema and welcomed to it.