Monday 3 January 2011

Year 0

There is a year zero feel about all this.

And look who was making predictions before he headed for Hades.

Burma Bomb

Oooh look what’s getting all complicated. Pak nukes available to Wahabiists. Well we’ve known for a long while the Saudis have ChiComm ballistic missiles, and since they paid for the Pak nukes the likelyhood of them possessing the phekkers was 100%, so this only means we are now allowed for some reason to know about the possession. Why?

And no terrified IRAN like shitting of pants in the RCE/TA.

So let us put this into perspective.

I have noted that nukes are sacramental deivices, that isn’t a spooling misteak, dei vices. Their origins are in alchemical banking. Now that UKplc has lost it’s nuclear independence a rather more subtle change has manifested. Only the Captain of a UKplc SSBN was out of the Rock/Roth web of control. He/She could actually launch on his/her authority. All other western nukes were under political launch authority, and that means Rock/Roth bought and paid for bitchboys and boybitches which means we are naked to a strike.

All nukes are owned by Rock/Roth, though to be hosest I see them as being more and more Roth. So the RCE/TA has them and will soon be the only authorised location for the magik weapons. WMD under RICO. Now consider that. It is like Tortuga having WMD. Comfortable?

So to follow the money as it were. If Saudi has them then they are Roth, Wahabi is Roth/Rock. Ever wondered why you pay tribute through your petrol prices to RCE/TA and Saudi clients? Just like the Rus had to. “Moscow has just ceased paying tribute to the Golden Horde (1480).”

We’ve got to start looking at the world properly.

Why do you think my favourite nutter’s slaughter house is allowed to export missiles and nukes? Rock/Roth. Well Roth actually, since South Korea is/was Rock.

When the wheels fall off the economic pony show then they start up war wagon. Simples.

And that takes me back to Year 0.

Burma is looking rather like a great big “told you so”. It has that deliberately and studiously ignored feel about it. It is kept on the shelf for the moment when it may be of optimal use. In an area extending down the East side of India and over into the Thai/Malay border the commies are laying the foundation for extermination. Don’t laugh that is what they do.

Something massive needs to happen to get us all iGREEN. Reset the clock. That is the new religion. We can tell that is so because we know the Rock/Roth financed the last one. iRED. And they are financing the iGREEN. It just needs a great big bang to start it all, far enough away from RCE/TA to escape the fall out. Violent enough to keep our tribute flowing without question now that we are all freezing to death because of global warming/climatechange/shamanic phekkwittery/old wives tales.

iLIES from the iMSM lapped up by the Young Pioneers of the iCHEKA.