Sunday 9 January 2011

This is a random walk.

A lott of unconnected stuff coming together today. Well the only connection is your correspondent. Let me Monte Carlo you through some of my favourite reading places, dropped by on, during the last 24hrs.

I don’t think anyone remembers what a USoA corp farce looks like. Instinctively McArthur was correct, Truman didn’t know what was going on. Not really. You need to stand back millions of miles and thousands of years to see.

Go on then how many of your forefathers were sheltering or dead 60 years ago tonight? Somewhere frost bitten on the island .

So where to next?

Spooked of course.

The Mysterious Death of the Baghdad Airport Commander
This is a posts that got oddly deleted. I had held onto this post for a long time, because I wanted to more research, but at this point, I’m not really finding much more and I’ll just write up what I have.

My original interest was the strange death of the Baghdad airport commander:
“Donald P. Christy, Lt. Col, USAF, passed away April 21, 2008 in Colorado Springs after an extended bout of anxiety and depression.”
It’s not clear what happened; how he died. There is strangely little about Christy on the net, except the Greg Mitchell article linked above which asks if he committed suicide.

What I do know is that there are plenty of stories about a horrible fight at the airport and about the use of unconventional weapons, such as a neutron bomb, during the fight for the airport in 2003. See also here.

My main thought here was that these two things were connected and that Christy was “suicided” as part of a cover-up of what happened at the airport. While suicides are pretty high for returning soldiers, I have never heard of a senior officer like Christy committing suicide. So there is something odd about this death.

I should point out that I am well aware that Captain Eric May, one of the purveyors of the neutron bomb at the airport stories, while sounding reasonable in the linked pieces here, is a questionable character in my previous dealings with him on a message board, and is a complete “Israel is the root of evil” shill.

Nonetheless, it may well be true about a neutron bomb being used at the Baghdad airport (a small one, perhaps in the underground tunnels that were supposedly used by the Iraqis) and that Lt. Col. Christy’s death is connected to it. We certainly know the US regime is capable of it.

Listing like ArkRoyal, no MILSPEC tugs, just gangster bankster refusegees out of Gib.

6000 year old ausphart Phoeneicians.

How many.

Did you get that?

Space…Environment, Environment….Habitat, Habitat…Earth..iGREEN.

Using the old what the fuck it means switcharoo….iGREEN= silent earth.

Death. More death.

Beleef iszz is whet oo arbt


Concorde fuel fire in an inside leg measurement.

All smiles.

Astradyne and Heterodyne.

Repeating. To speak unrelating. To wander.

Back to…Forward to…Stilled and stunned.

Fuck me this shit has gone Lalaland.

The shooter was all, go vetch, Churchill.

Black shirted and loving it.


Getting it yet? Getting ready to ditch the ersatzaboriginal?

Always one step behind beyond.

Have some smooth smother until you do.

Slave century awaits the alive.

Fuck me that didn’t arrive where I wanted!!

This is where I wanted.

As I’ve said before she plays with my heart.

A Monte Carlo Random Walk is designed to weaken our spirit.

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