Friday 7 January 2011

A tribute to the Monkees or Psyren's Song

USofA corp at its finest. The only civilisation to go straight from oats to bread & circuses, skipping the fine cuisine stage. With apologies to Georges Clemenceau

There are some sounds that just make you stop and listen.

The sound of a woodpecker in an old English wood. I mean really old. Like we have here around the Barnet/Herts/Enfield border.

Or in my case the sound of twin five blades sawing their way through the air on approach to RAF Northolt. Me wondering who’s dropping in for some serious shagging at Buck Palace or plotting armageddon in the bunkers?

Other sounds make you bolt upright and ask WTF?

Like the IRA blowing up something around Brent Cross.

Or a big phekking train wreck, like Potters Bar.

When you are out and about, these very things can be experienced by the law abiding subject of her majesty in Barnet.

Then there are the moments out here on the ausphart when you find yourself snikkering up your sleeve when you spot a lazy crypto stooge agent in a room full of the earnest. Like here. Go on enjoy it. Exopolitics sounds so much more grown up and less scarey than ALIENS! If you cannot bear it, I’ll drop you a clue at the end of this malarky.

Can you guess who I am referring to? I’ve mentioned him more than once out here.

On other occassions one is taken completely by surprise and the whole gamut of emotions and down right weird feelings over comes one. Like an ammunition train wreck in Brent Cross’s ye olde woodpecker shop staffed only by aliens speaking buzzsaw, all orchestrated by Prince Charles.


It happened today, no Brent Cross is still there, the 3-phase supplied weirdness.

It all began when the Governor, who I have a soft spot for, got his own show. Now having heard him on AJ’s show over the years I liked his moxy. No nonsense. Straight down the line kind a’ guy with some good tales to tell of meeting the Feds when he became Governor and then his waking up to 9/11.

However I thought he’d gone off to keep his head down in Mexico. Then I heard he’d got his own conspiracy TV series. Fair enough thinks I. He’s moving on again and getting into the groove. Though I didn’t really think there was going to be much to the series since this is the land of bread & circuses after all.

So I didn’t make a point of watching. Though I caught a few snippets. One being a woman flying into USofA corp for an interview with the Governor on a windswept airport apron then jetting out again because it was too dangerous to remain in USofA corp. OK thinks I, not missing anything here.

Then I hear he’s had a show banned from the new series, swaatched from reality, never to be seen again. A show about FEMA camps. Whoa, thinks I, might have missed something here.

So GC posted it today and I decide to watch. Hoping against hope there might be some substance to the hype about this being the real deal.

Cool, the Governor has a big black V8 to cruise around in and there he is with AJ staring at burial casks stockpiled. OK, seen that but lets go with it…..then the train with the bombs hit the woodpecker and the buzz sawing aliens in Camilla’s Brent Cross.

I heard THAT voice, the singular English voice of a consumate UKplc propagandist, the voice of an agent.

And then I saw her face, now I’m a believer.

It is all bread & circuses after all. USofA corp bye-bye.

Someone tell the Governor, like he doesn’t already know, he’s got a real live Member of the British Empire on staff!!!!

What next?

Alex Jones is a Hessian?

OK if you couldn’t stomach the full one and a half hours of Exopolitics bollox you want 38 mins, he’s our ex MoD rent seeker.

The upshot is that AJ and the Governor are obviously prime candidates for migration over to the safe opposition slots on Internet 2 after Barry Soetoro pulls the plug on the ausphart. This much has been obvious with AJ for some time.

I’m disappointed in the Governor. I still like the Monkees.