Monday 9 July 2012

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 3

Where ever one looks out here on the Ausphart there are persons and machines focussing on loci of, to them, singular concern. Front running high frequency peddlers of engineered no thing. A spiraled coven of ancient OCD unevented horizon.

There are other machines that deliver database queries and fail the Turing test. There are real agents that fail the test before they start pumping and dumping. The Faan for example, which seems to be nothing more than the Daily Mail’s digitised archive CR’d to buffer on a regular basis, got all down with the RCE/TA on command. Faan you are like a polite, mad, MKUltra'd librarian. As I walk through the front door intending to seek, you throw massive tomes of contusion at me. The end result is that I end up in A&E and my task is delayed again.

BTW there are no event horizons just darkness of the soul. A place where one needs no eyes. A faithful invented construct.

So what is it that we need to flush away in order to see?

Holophake exhaust, WW2(1931-1951) and 9/11. Most importantly the word. The word is few.

The sound.

There are some, tagged RISC, at the other shop who do not seem to be able to drag themselves away from the lucre alter. The altar. They focus on one specific shibboleth. A given to keep one unaware.


Why are troofers so focussed on the hitler, the huschwitz, the hew, the holocaust, the hermite?

The answer is to keep the most important question from forming, just as the librarian stuns you, with a direct kinetic tome strike to the cranium dome with things you already knew. A book of weight to ignore you.

I mean what bunch of clowns in USofA corp does not know that RCE/TA did USS Liberty under orders? The GGT ran a documentardy when I was young; waggin’ the tail. I got it decades ago. What don’t you troofers get? Of course one is supposed to focus on the cannon shells and rockets. What don’t you troofers get? What did USS Liberty hear? You troofers never mention that do you? What did the USS Liberty hear?

Like the Holodomor, to honour the dead is to speak and see. Einsatzgruppen from the Pripyet were in action. Imported at vast expense from the Bomb Line. Sonderkommando from the camps.

What got torched on 9/11? You troofers do not get the buildings do you? They never existed. So what really got torched on 9/11, troofers? Any ideas? No of course not; you are all OCD. You got torched, phukkmuppets and now you are NOAHide.

The so called jilling of kews fails the Turing test.