Saturday 9 January 2010

Recognise this?

Remember what you are going to read here is said by a person fully aware that he’s a traitor to his country, we now know that he and his party intended to destroy Britain by stealth, and a head honcho of the Pan Galactic Pyramid Selling Scheme that stole everyone’s pensions and handed the money over to the ChiComm slave state, after taking a huge chunk in commission for themselves. He’s got the blood of countless on his hands and by the nature of our Cabinet structure and the lessons of The Nuremburg Trials, he is a war criminal.

Don’t laugh just plot revenge.

“In the truest sense they fought on after victory. They understood that, tempting as it might be, a retreat into isolationism was neither possible nor desirable. And what they achieved as they fought their day's greatest evil - totalitarianism - is what we must seek to achieve as we fight today's greatest evil - terrorism.”

You don’t do irony do you?

“And companies investing in developing countries should seek to answer one of the main fears of anti-globalisation campaigners: that where there is no cross border corporate accountability large companies can often seem more powerful than the elected governments of the countries in which they operate. One way forward is adopting the OECD international standards of best practice for corporate responsibility and advancing both the global compact - introduced by Kofi Annan in 1999 - and the global reporting initiative under which multinationals assess their impact on developing countries.”

Kofi Phekking Annan, Mr Nepotistic Bombastic. Anyone remember ENRON and Arthur Andersen?

“Because we must never return to the unsustainable burdens of debt of the 80s and 90s, the very poorest and most vulnerable countries should receive investment help for poverty reduction in the form primarily of grants to partner their soft IDA loans. All other low income countries should be offered interest free loans. Some beneficiaries will be countries with millions of poor but today classified as middle income countries. Here assistance should be in the form of interest reduced loans, conditional upon implementing agreed poverty reduction strategies and reforms with a national monitoring process including civil society.”

Oh I cannot be bothered.

“But in today's world every international initiative relies ultimately on approval by national governments and their peoples. And it comes down, in the end, to the duties national governments - especially the richest national governments - recognise and are prepared to discharge.”

God give me strength!!!

“Let it be our generation that shows those who suffer in the bleakest places of the world that we can light a candle of hope which, radiating outwards, can cut through the darkness and shame of injustice and emblazon across the world a message of confidence and faith in the future.”

For fucks sake you muppet people cannot afford candles in this country now, they are dying of cold. Some might say that forces that were too great to be dodged have caused our current local difficulty.

No! It is this lying muppet’s fault because the lying duplicitous bastard has stolen all our money and buggered our country senseless since 1997, whilst talking shit.