Saturday 23 April 2011

What is wrong with this picture? A road trip part 3.

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So there I was peeling off the M1 and up the M6 onto what should be a quiet, dark strip of motorway prior to hitting Brummieland. However it was knee deep in artics and white vans. All because the M1 was shut down north of M1/J19. Everyone on the alternate to rejoin the M1.

As I said, conditioning the masses, grooming us to expect constant delays and interruptions to our progress as free people. No longer can one go about one’s business unmolested. All disguised as improvements. I tell you what, the amount of lucre handed over to the so called government in this country by the motorist would pay for everyone of us to be carried around any, so called, road work improvements in a feather lined charabang carried by Vestal virgins whilst being poured pints of Cralsberg export. Now that would be the best way to drink a beer in the world, porbably.

On a related note I see that London is being lined up for a big fine as far as air quality goes. So we will be fleeced of 100s of millions of quid by a Madoffesque Ponzi scheme centred in Brussels. Go on; when was its accounts last signed off? Now to me that looks like our spineless, Big Society Bullingdon club members Boris and Camoron stiffing us, handing the readies over to their Kapo and pocketing their cut. If that is not the case then you can prove me wrong by providing the signed off accounts of the RICO institution concerned, point me to a full disclosure of all the secretive organisation that our so called leaders belong, list me all the Common Purpose graduates that have made their bones in this and previous corrupt governments and finally burn the Bank of England down.

Until then I will assume, safe in the knowledge that I will never be rebutted by evidence to the contrary, that our tax authorities are just allumni off Alinsky, Capone and Madoff. To Live and Die in LA sounds so much cooler than to strive and expire in Hemel Hempstead.

Which got me to thinking about inflation. No, not my tyres. That exists, inflation; inflation.

Today Tesco are selling 500g of pasta for 9p. 9 fucking p. Some one is leaning on the fuckers to kill the government inflation numbers. As we know from fillet/hamburger Greenspan that is total Grimm’s.

Other things that do not exist are enemies of the mind.

Aside No 4. There are no enemies that cannot be thought of. Unemployment is an illusion so to kill the numbers we will hire thousands and thousands of census farters.

Over the past century the following have been the western bitchboys friend.

Russia, USofA Corp, Germany, Japan

Over the past century the following have been the western boybitches enemy.

Russia, USofA Corp, Germany, Japan

Spot the odd one out. There is nothing to be gleaned from government but rentboybitchdom.

Finally I hit the solitary black after the extraneous traffic had re-routed. The cats eyes and the pitch. Gliding over a nonexistent carpet of the imagination. Derren Brown could never handle it.

Out in the no where, mindware and I thought about the events of 2000 years ago.

I thought of how long is the long game if the Semites could be guided to kill the pious pagans. Varus to Hitler. After the Roman taxation come on was slaughtered, they had the time to wait. All the time in the world. Who was running the heathen?



You and I, me and you, we know. We know the heathen and their runners. We know their heathen ruins and runes. We know the control. We know the pain is endurable. The pain that would break them if they were to but try.

We can and will ease them in the infinite time of their choosing. It will cease.

We’ve only got to toll M6 fannying around. Eons and ages to go.

Tomorrow brings an anime sky.