Friday 22 August 2014

GFTFO!! You trouble making creepzoid.

You phaakin' waat yaa khaant?

Pope Francis (77) has called in drastic words to stop the IS-terrorists in northern Iraq. He even spoke of a third world war.

On the flight back from his six-day trip to Asia to South Korea, he told reporters: "These are the fruits of the war, we are at war, it is a third world war, albeit gradually."

Also his special envoy for the crisis region, Cardinal Fernando Filoni (68), the Islamists strongly condemned. These committed a "genocide" against the Yazidis.

The pontiff warned because of the crisis in northern Iraq of a third world war (Photo: dc daz jak)
The pontiff warned because of the crisis in northern Iraq of a third world war (Photo: dc daz jak)
Francis stressed that the international community had the right to proceed against the IS. "Where there is an unlawful aggressor, it is entitled to stop it," said the Pope. At the same time the Catholic Church leader but a restricted: "I underline the verb stop, not bomb or wage war."

In addition, the UN must select the necessary resources to combat terrorists precisely. He was also willing to travel to Iraq as "an appalling level of violence" was achieved there. Given the situation in the country, a visit would not be appropriate but currently, the Pope continued.

Francis himself suffered a severe blow: In a car accident the wife and two children of his nephew Horacio Bergoglio died in Argentina (35). According to eyewitnesses, the car crashed in the province of Cordoba, about 550 kilometers from the capital Buenos Aires, on a highway with a truck together. Horacio Bergoglio himself survived seriously injured.

U.S. President Barack Obama (53) is based in the fight against the IS from a long deployment. In Washington, he said: "It will take time." The Iraqi army undertook an offensive to recapture the area occupied by the Islamists in June the city of Tikrit.

"albeit" arbeit macht frei yah khaant!!!

Like the monarchy in this shit house, how come this fake Ba'al Hammon shepherd of death is still wandering around causing trouble after hundreds of millions of persons died to rid the world of their pestilence?

Because they are  all fakirs and everyone who died was cleansed. There never was a war to end all wars. Just a cleansing aktion by the legions of the secondary pontifikommandos of Yahweh.