Thursday 19 March 2015

Stunning Cats.....ChiComm Paws.

Amnesia is coming, too many know too much now of what happened, what is happening and what has been prepared in the script.



errr...More from where Blair poltrooned wot rote 1948.

With everyone getting all jizzpantied about BRICS being a counter to the IMF/BIS bollox can we just stand back and take a closer look at the Trojan Panda in the room?

UN security council 1945.

USSR, murder export centre for Rock/Roth
USA, weapons lab for Rock/Roth
UK, burned out Roth walled kitchen garden
France, stinking Roth breeding boudoir
China, Roth masked actor in waiting.

So just as you thought everything on the GGT was bollox there will actually be a WMD emergency needing blue berrets down town.

Don'cher love the dither?

Top Gear, schmokkin'.