Wednesday 20 May 2015

If there ever is a clusterfuck approaching then the first outing of this....

....pile of obsolete crap is it. Not since Beatty remarked on Fisher's concept being suboptimised during battle conditions has a major disaster been so clear before the starting gun.

Love this comment.

"Of course not, the things guns won't work for about 3 more years, and it can't drop bombs for about 5. The F-35, being designed to do everything, does nothing well. As Sun Tzu said, "he who tries to protect/do everything protects nothing or does nothing well. It was supposed to save money, but no one ever considered the financial risk of literally putting all your eggs into a single basket. A diverse aquistion program that addressed each services' needs probably would've been cheaper overall, since despite falling cost, the JSF is still tens and tens of billions of dollars over budget, and about a decade behind schedule. I remind you all, this program was begun in the mid 90's, and after 20 years of development, the aircraft is STILL not ready for combat. I'm young and unmarried, and maybe once I have my first grandchild, MAYBE, the F-35 will be ready for combat. The people at Hells Bottom running acquisition could screw up a wet dream if given the opportunity."

To think that it all started with peace breaking out.

I have likened this thing to the BP Defiant however it's magnitude of phukwittery can only be compared to somethoing truly gargantuan and brobdignanigan in its multidimensional crippling of capability and sabotage.

It has to be USofA corps. equivalent of Bomber B.