Thursday 6 November 2014

BWAHAHHAAA..........After Committing A Number Of Sex Crimes, Libyan Ca...

UKplc. What a shithouse!!!

War News Updates: After Committing A Number Of Sex Crimes, Libyan Ca...: Bassingbourn Barracks. Cambridge News Libyan Troops Flown Home As Cameron Scraps UK Training Camp -- The Guardian Camp was intended to tra...

UKplc; world centre for terrorism, theft, warcriminals, spying at the command of banksterwankster anarchists and a population of meat droids that couldn't think their way out of an inflated ponzi crime scene.

What a canker on the face of humanity.

In fact it isn't even a shit house. It is a jaffa transit camp temporarily occupied by rapidly rotated slaves in a just in time getaway car crash grand larceny.