Sunday 2 November 2014

Creepziod Alert!

!!! The one-world religion is getting closer: Pope recognizes evolutionary theory !!!

Suppose you wanted to create a religion that almost everyone loves - how would you proceed? Perhaps you would adjust your beliefs so that he is more agreement in a modern world that is changing at a breathtaking pace. Maybe you would suggest you might imagine, with hot iron such as gay rights to move more towards "mainstream".
Perhaps you would also invite religious leaders from around the world and make it clear that you keep all these religions also credible. And what's with all this "non-scientific stuff" that God created the world in six days and created mankind from dust? Well, which is you have to say goodbye well.
All of that is vaguely familiar? This is because it is exactly what Pope Francis has done.
To say that Pope Francis was an extremely popular pope would still greatly understated.Worldwide showered him the media with praise when he replied to a question about homosexuality: "Who am I to judge homosexuals" Since he has been in office, he is visited by an endless stream of religious dignitaries from all over the world and they all seem only good things about him to have to say.
Even most Muslims seem to love this Pope. Francis made ​​this year for a first in the history of the Church, as he Islamic prayers and Koran readings allowed in the Vatican. When it comes to PR, this pope seems to have a kind of sixth sense for it to always do the right thing. He seems to be well on its way to becoming one of the most popular popes ever.
This week, Pope Francis worldwide headlines again, because he publicly acknowledged the big bang and evolution. Here are some of his statements, which are quoted in the press around the world :
"When we read in Genesis the creation account, we could hit upon the idea that God is some kind of magician with a magic wand in his hands, crying all the life. But it is not. "
"Today's popular Big Bang theory does not contradict any intervention of the Creator, but it demands it."
"The evolution in the nature does not collides with the idea of ​​creation, because evolution downright creation of living beings presupposes that then evolve!"
The Catholic Church has taken these theories eagerly, but that's not all: Some prominent Catholic theologians now condemn the idea of a "young earth" and the idea that God created man in a single day. Such ideas were "almost blasphemous theology" , the director of the Vatican Observatory says:
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