Wednesday 20 July 2011

A12, Noah, Dick and the Twin Towers. Part 1.

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Imagine, if you can, yours truly turning up, all unexpected like, amongst the Kalahari Bushmen one day. I would do this unlikely thing because, being an all powerful narcissist, I would want to choose simple aboriginals to worship me.

In possession of my own version of HAARP I would be able to demonstrate my infinite power, Arthur C Clarke like, manifest as the works of god. God as me.

So I make myself known to the head honcho and since I’ve rebuilt the Tower of Babel he hears in his head, all DIcke like, my words.

“Listen to my words chosenite, by this time next week this whole area will be gitaffe neck deep in water as I bring the rains as you’ve never seen here for centuries. Construct a mighy boat to save my people!”

Athwhich point the head honch would turn to his nearest kin and sotto voce “Phekk me it’s another of those hyper technologyists playing gog goons that Arthur warned us about. And what a stupid muppet name. I’m not wandering around proclaiming the word of INCOMING, all in capitals with seve, count them, seven pheeking exclamation marks!!!!!!! Watch this I’ll humour the sky god.”

“Oh great one, WTF is a boat?”

Now that imaginary, fevered vignette kind of encapsulates my problem with the origianl story. Perhaps one was to link disparate dots to square the circle. Perhaps you were supposed to think, “Oh yes a long time later, after much begetting, their was a carpenter in the family. Perhaps these latent chippyist skills remained dormant as they chased sheep around in their ceaseless wanderings back and forth. Over desert, twixt Babylon and Memphis.”

Of course you and I now know that the whole Old Testament tale is a redacted, corrupted, shed load of propaganda obscuring what really went down out there all those millenia ago.

Don’t be snikkering, the same bent scribes provide our MSM to this day in places like Murdoch’s turdshop.

What we’ve got here is a bunch of naval architects hidden in plain sight as shepherds. You know I wonder about the Phoenicians a great deal. Their neighbours, we’ll call them Egyptians, cuold build big boats as well. They keep turning up all embarrassing like in graves all round the Giza Plateau. Our trowelling professional grave scrapers act all surprised when they turn out to be much bigger than conventional archeological, accaepted academic, peer reviiewed, brain washed, group think, scared, tenured concensus would suggest they should be. We are supposed to look all impressed when a guy clambers into a reed boat and sets sail to prove something or other. At the other end of his journey he can point to natives in some South American lake or other who still use the same naval reed techniques and Lake Tutuenkhamun design tech.

Well colour me purple seashell dye and bake me Alaska. If you expect me to believe that the tchnologically skilled artists who hollowed out blocks of granite and basalt to form beautifully fluted and necked religious vessels and grave goods were going to ditch their high tech. techniques and clamber into a wickerman’s basketcase you cango GTF!

It would be the equivalent of the Apple geezer or the Intel bod piling into a rowing boat to go and visit Ireland. Nah. I know someone is not letting us think somethings.

Phoenicia. There are cyclopean remians of one of their big bases still extant on the Southern coast of Portugal. How big their boats? How far travelled? To where and how long ago? Chances are that where ever they went or sailed from it is now under water. Inundated. That alone is more evidence that ordinary persons are not resposible for climate change. AGW is is a toal fabrication by the foundation bitchboys. Look at that part of the Phoenician remit that wa are currently bombing and causing misery throughout. That place used to literally put the bread on the Roman’s table. All gone now, but 2000 years ago the Maghren must have looked like the American Mid-West with John Deeres and International Harvesters working 24/7 to bring in the cereals.

Of course there is one way that AGW could be true and the answer is not taxing the poor and laundering the loot through Roth’s banking and theft engines. What id sparking great pheeking big nukes in the atmosphere, pumping Gigawatts of power into the ionosphere and having fighter bombers dropping HE 24/7/52 did contribute to messing the weahter up? Well the answer of course is FUCKING STOP IT!!!! And it wouldn’t cost us a penny. As a bonus we might be able to heat ourselves and stop old people freezing to death in then coming Ice Age.

(BTW later we will get into some very interesting concepts regarding the original idea behind atom bombs)

What kind of society was Phoenicia? Well not to put too fine a point on it, very, very secretive. They kept their IP to themselves. Like religious gangsters. You see I’ve also often wondered about Dick Cheney, just what is his default setting? When Dick was SECDEF he killed the A12 and tried to kill the V22. we’ll come back to them in a minute.

I’ve often wondered just what kind of society Dick liked best? Just where is he at home? We know he’d never suite a communist society, where you have to feign an egalitarian bent. We know that the guys that ran the Soviet system asked to be let in from the cold after it became obvious that the experiment was a failure. And as we’ve discussed previously their budies in the West did let them hit the beaches in Maiami, Monaco and assorted hideyholes in RCE/LC and RCE/TA after our theft engines had helped them achieve oilgarch status by looting the Russians’ natural wealth. SO comomunist Dick? No, cuold you imagine Dick in Maoist pyjamies?

What about a fascist state then? Now I know we are supposed to think that the big fascist state which Wall Strasse brought into existence got torched and that Dick would have to start his own one from scratch. However consider this. A the end of WW2 the Nazi state did not surrender to the Allies. So I think Dick would be quite content as Fascist Dick since so many Nazis set up home in the original fascist infrastructure of USofA corp.

Bu I don’t think he’d really be happy, too many rules and still that nauseous stench of egalitarianism. I think that a gangster state would suite Dick. Ideally a NOAHide state. There he could be god and do as he liked. There is more than a touch of the Phoenician about him and is you know where some reserchers specualte NOAH flaoted in his big boat you can see why Dubai attracts Dick so.

SO with the advantage of 20/20 hindsight let is rewrite some recent history that the heartless zombie was involved in.

Do you remember the fall of the Soviet system? Or as I think we could now more accurately call it. The scarpering with all the wealth, the bugging out of the banksters’ agents to better playpens in California, Vegas, Cote d’Azure and assorted apartheid beaches. Do you remember Gorby and how smoothley he went from iRED to iGREEEN whilst leaving a trail of destruction behind him?

Do you recal the “peace dividend” which never turned up?

Looking back over 20 odd years all we see are gangsters making off with the loot of those unprotected by another gang. Which brings me to SECDEF Cheney trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Two remarkable birds. Those of you who know something about combat aircraft developemtn will know that if you switch of the computers in an aircraft like the F16 it falls from the sky like a stone. Relaxed static stability, messing with the relationship between CoG and CoL. The magic boxes on board keep the collection of advanced materials, advanced aeordynamics and fixings going in the direction the pilot wants. The, reputedly retired, original stealth fighter the F117 was said to be the first aircraft designed by electrical engineers. These two aircraft a typical late 60s and early 70s concepts. By the time we get to the A12 this thing does not fly, it manages momentum exchange around the space it occupies. All aspect stealth and systems designed to get the crew and payload into the toughest air defence nut on the planet and the crew safely back to base. Lovely bird. Cheney killed it just as it was about to hatch.

The second of Cheney’s targets was the V22. It is just as remarkable an air vehicle in that it acheives the incredible transition from helibourne verticle flight to conventional winged aircraft level flight and back to helibourne verticle landing. Sinple concept, very difficult to engineer. The development of the V22 was long, difficuly, deadly and not without review and futher controversy. However the USMC got it eventually. Though everyone knows it has the wrong motors and rotors.

“OK”, you might be thinking, “Cheney tried to kill them. So?”

Well let’s take a look at what we’ve done since 1990. The huge build up in military assets during the 1980s have now beeb sweated to destruction in a never endinh series of pirate actions.

Basically the only street gang on the planet has gone around picking on those withour protection and stolen their resources. Killing people in a great big St Valentine’s Day massacre. From Panama to Libya the Roth have brought all then untidy loose ends together that they could.

Notice I did not say the West, no, the Roth. The West has not benefitted in the slightest.

All those tanks, APCs, fighters, bombers, drones, ships and men and women paid for by the Rock/Roth have been worn out on corporate gangsters actions. Kinetic interventions with HE and body parts flying everywhere.

Again I won’t asrgue with you, it is all 20/20 hindsight but it makes a damned sight more sense in understanding the recent past and current events and also helps describe some aspects of the coming decade.

Around 1985 when that call came in from RCE/MC that they were indeed rady to come in from the cold, the master map must have been consulted and the word sent out that everything that was designed anddevelopend to penetrate Sovier air defences, battle lines or SSN patrols was going in the waste bin because the only people that were going to be getting dead by Pharmaceutical grade DU, napalm, clusterbombs, cruie missiles and chain guns in the coming 30 years were going to be starving peasants, hill tribes, boy soldiers and those who dissed the Roth.

No peace dividend because although there were no new weapons platforms in the numbers envisaged the fuel, food, water, body bag and ammunition bill was going to go exponential.

Here is where I get all conspiracy theoretical.

We may think that the A12 died 20 years ago and that the Marines finally deployed their clever aircraft. End of story. That the only connection is Cheney trying to kill them because the war against the defenceless, which was about to kick off, could be carried out with 50s,60s and 70s tech.

Agreed, however what also connects them is that in the travails of the V22 and the death of the A12, for 20 years now all the specs, contracts, plans, schemata, secrets, intellectual property and paper trail for both programmes have been circulating around a beurocracy and legal sytem, a congress, a senate and many administrations stuffed full of Maoists and dual-national traitors.

You know where this is going.

Somewhere in the Gobi desert, is there a ChiComm equivalent of Groom Lake, Area 51. Somehwere their black projects hide. A concept that the Nazis brought to USofA corp about 70 years ago. For you can be sure that everything secret has been sent from RCE/NY to RCE/BS direct or via RCE/TA. If a big ChiComm stealth fighter can pitch up looking all Soviet recently, I wonder where their all aspect stealth strike aircraft is hiding or the tiltrotor attack aircraft that the big fight in the South China Sea will need.

So here we get to the scary bit. Western Europe, the Phoenician part that UKplc is part of, is getting denuded militarily. Not for us to be imposing the will of the Roth on anyone anymore. Our part of the street gang is being stood down. The big fight is going to be far, far away from us and to the victor the spoils, not us.

Roth’s shiney new street gang in RCE/BS is getting fully tooled up. Roth will be expecting to use that gang soon enough on those who diss the Roth. This is not fantasy this is how it works. This is the play book of the religioKriminals. Astle’s work lays it all out. Nothing changes in 6000 years. The newly weaponised street gang goes out and brings the non compliant or rebellious into the fold. The Roth are good shepherds.

Right that is enough bollox from me for one day. Tomorrow, if the diference engine hasn’t expired, we’ll continue by looking at modern Nazis and the Twin Towers.