Saturday 16 July 2011

Further thoughts on 9/11

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SS goes public. Why would these clowns come out of the closet unless they had been closetted?

‘74 bomb blast at Tower of London. Did we get any further lights cast on things?


Justus tool holding a writing tool.

Kelly. How about this then?

Potsdam. No; it just gets murkier and murkier.

Notice that only Uncle Joe is left standing after the second of three attempts to eradicate Christians from this world has taken place? Did you see that? Did you?

No muslims were killed during the making of that production. ONLY LONLEY stsinoiz. An RCE production.

If I were a geezer looking to stay out of trouble, would I wander into a Werewolf’s nest? Kinda like a CHEKA/STASI/OGPU/NKVD/Mi High/iGREEN fest.

Of course not.

Werewolves never existed in any numbers to form a hunting pack!

Vainglorious; I would wander around a stunned nation though. A nation, now destroyed, that had no idea what had just happened.

Which stunned nation? OKC anime.

Or stilled?

2001 no full stop.

When one wanders through the ancient stories of how it used to be. There is a clear narrative. Ordinary people do not get a word in. They die silenced.

When you read the script of great plays and legends, understand these words were designed to entrap you. You are not them. No matter how much you anthropomorphise them. Marionnettes.

Nothing is really ever mentioned of the poor fools slaving away to keep the pony show going. Their parts are imagined by the principal.

“How can you know unless you are a Cinders, charcoalled and grilled in script?”


So when a foundation bitchboy slob like Marx gets to start talking bollox about the proletariat, you can be sure that the universe is, as anticipated, getting fecund.

The fools in charge cannot deal with the universe, so coping strategies are the order of the day.

We live within their coping strategy.

They’ve been here before, they remember since they are longer lived, we have only been here now.

9/11? Son et lumière for the fools.

Any further discussion is Mi-Hi.

I wonder where they went ?