Sunday 3 July 2011

The Bomb Line. 1 of ?

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As many of you will know this here grog bucket likes a good map. Indeed the regulars here will know that in this house of nonsense we believe that there exists somewhere in this world an anteroom where the secret map lives. That’s correct it is alive and sings to the selfmemedgenedgeezers smoking in the big room when they need to check on progress back to the day when it all first went pear shaped.

You also read that correct. There are no geeztrice. No bloktrice, only blokes. I’ve mentioned this apparent misogyny on the part of the universe before. The universe requires different things from men and women in creation from the stillness. In the modern world where there is an increasing trend, caused by the never ceasing war against humanity, towards androgyny we are loosing our creating power. Anyway that topic is really for the other shop, so lets get back to the maps.

In the anteroom, spread out on a velvet clad granite table, there rests the master masonic map. Hiram Abiff saw it, it was very, very old even then, yet it hasn’t been worn in the slightest. The passage of time does not age it in at all. I have always wondered what it demarcated, what did it really look like? For it cannot have been blank in its representation of the lie of the land before the ancestors of the geezers smoking huge cigars, quaffing fine wines and pleasuring sweetmeat cheeks in the big room, found themselves cast out into the world as refugees.

From time to time however faint traces of what the map really looks like or, more likely, key stages on the journey re-engineering the master map are revealed. What we have here is a reverse process, in the engineering sense, in that we are, decomplexing systems, working backwards from the current map which can only have been put together in the mid 18th century, call that Map V100.10, backwards through MapV50.10 until we get to Map V0= the master map. The map of year zero.

Now I know you are thinking that your correspondent has perhaps been rattling his three glass eyes again through forced feeding himself Mintos and Coca Cola from a bottle.

However, consider this.

What you see on a map doesn’t always correspond with what the reality creation clowns like Karl Pillow Biter Rove see during disease vectoring. Hitler didn’t look at a map in 1930 and see what we would see. Stalin’s internal map was definitely nothing we’d recognise.

So I suppose you might want to know a bit about INCOMING!!!!!!!’s map, which is based on what I believe is a glimpse at one of the low numbered versions of the staged engineering to the year zero.

Well if you know what I bang on about, by now you’ll know that the creator of the master masonic map I allude to, was a djinn. Now I don’t ask you to believe my assertion, it is after all a certifiable offence in UKplc to believe that Beelzebub draws maps. That is rubber wallpaper, sleeveless special designer jacketing and a visit from the psychotropic trollopes of the very special brain pharmacy. No just look at a map, even better map and official history, that is in circulation as part of our so called education and, excuse the pun, map what I’m about to write over those maps.

About 2000 years ago an agency crapped all over the master map in this part of the world. The djinn was so fucked up that it took hundreds of years to recreate the temporal forces required to remove the good works of that fortuitous intervention from the earth again. Or so djinn thought. That explains Rome, Mecca and Khazaria. Ever since those three centres of the heathen got up and running there has been a never ending struggle, in the djinn’s hopeless hubris, to eradicate Orthodoxy from this world.

Another glimpse I’ve mentioned before is the ziggurat line which runs West to East through Europe.

So we once again, inevitably, arrive at the answer to one of the great, as usual don’t look to closely just take our assertions, “failures” in World War Two’s prosecution from UKplc’s point of view.

If you’ve read even part of the THE UNITED STATES STRATEGIC BOMBING SURVEY and the corresponding figures for square head waffen producktionen, for the period after the goosesteppers stopped their peacetime economy, after 1942.

I want to stop you here and repeat that bit “after the goosesteppers stopped their peacetime economy, after 1942.” And turned it all over to a wartime economy. Just like Uncle Joe had done after 1935 and UKplc had done in 1939.

If you’ve scratched your head and wondered why certain things occurred, then wonder no more. My ideas on djinn maps may give us a clue.

As I mentioned two years ago, I remember Michael Bentine crying on the Michael Parkinson Show. The man was distraught. The reason for his distress was, as he demonstrated, the huge differential in defensive armament between the allies. UKplc Bomber Command crews has 0.303in calibre defensive weapons. The USofA corp USAAF 8th had 0.5in calibre. When he placed two comparable casings on the coffee table for us to see there was indeed a clear inference to be drawn that the UKplc crews were badly served by their nation. Michael Bentine wanted answers.

Well let’s leave INCOMING!!!!!!!’s map and rejoin the real world.

For those of you not familiar with schräge musik here is a little summary. When UKplc decided that strategic bombing was going to be its preferred way of spending tax payers money during the last big one, what it really needed was a semi disposable bomb truck. Not really a weapon, never mind a weapons system as we would recognise today. It needed to be as cheap as possible, UKplc was broke, sound familiar, so there was no money for a license in order to send, 8 or more 0.5in calibre guns per aircraft, brownings in their thousands into the soil of Germany. 0.303in calibre would suffice.

Now before I diss us and get all miserable again. I just want to take this opportunity to salute the inate ability of UKplc blokes and geeztrice, armed only with a slide rule, pencils and mugs of tea, to drag the truly superb from out of a shit heap. We gave our finest the finest. I.e. this big beauty. A machine which in the hands of top chaps like Cheshire and Gibson, aided by silent boffins, created the finest’s precision instrument for dealing death extant. In fact RAF bomber command, despite the systemic weakness of its supply chain, may have been too good in some ways for the map.

55,573 air crew

10,000 large airframes, 80,000 0.303in calibre weapons.

Do you know what you use to break up a large airframe?

30mm calibre.

You need to compare the 7.7x56R with the 30x184B

No wonder Michael wept.