Friday 1 July 2011

Approved Activity Vouchers

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When me and my mate Bill, the Dumnonian, used to go and swill a load of porter down the Cittie of Yorke we’d hit the hole in the wall for a load of drinking vouchers prior to standing in the sawdust. Now this mind set didn’t reflect any profound recognition on our part of the nature of fiat finance, it simply expressed our attitude, in a more care less time, towards the bits of cloth the machine would spit at us after we’d typed in the 4 numbered secret spell. 4 digit encryption eh? No wonder the enigma case was so difficult to crack! Those with a nose for this cheap crap that TPTB hand to us to keep our details private will know that it is a criminal mindest. So much easier to swamp the crimes being facilitated by this banking nonsense when there are quintillions of individual dual transactions being conducted with this system everyday. A signature is so much more diffficult to use by the criminal syndicate determined to engineer us all into a great amorphous, amoral church, because that is the expression of a free person. There are 7 billion unique signatures in this world but only 10000 unique 4 digit spells.

My drinking voucher supply has long gone and my Dumnonian chum has long since left The Smoke to catch up with Mebyon Kernow and the nature of the vouchers dispensed by the money altars is changing again.


Let me illustrate with a little example.

If I were to use the tennets of free market capitalism, which as a beneficiary of democracy in the west I should have an instict for, then if I spotted a gap in the market, a market opportunity, if I were to discover a resource and using the signals coming from the market discover a price then what if I wanted to recreate that golden age where cheap materials, cheap labour, cheap knowledge and access to markets were to combine in a great big mutually reinforcing circle of benefits to society.

What if wanted to start an iron works in Ironbridge again? If they could do this stuff a quarter of a millenium ago, we can do it again today by George. Not to build an iron bridge but to supply the local market with ironey stuff. The UKplc is neck deep in coal, iron ore, water and unemployed persons. I’m sure that we could undercut even the most efficient modes of transporting bulk materials by sea, the guys who would work there would love to do some real work again and we wouldn’t have to worry about where this kind of crap would come from again. The next load of art barph would be named after somewhere and something English.

Well there we have it, sorted.

Of course the dream is all a load of bollox. Go on then you open up a one man mini blast furnace, the start of the new industrial revolution, and see what happens. Phone up a geezer in Wales to take a delivery of coal from. Phone up a guy in the Lanark area to take a delivery of iron ore from. Get the local river tapped. If you’ve used your own capital wave it bye bye, if you’ve tried to raise a loan….Bwahahahahahaaaaa! Oh I’d love to see that one. You wander into see the empty suit, present your business case, he accesses the AI/ES at the BIS, types in “bloke wants to restart the IR in Coalbrookedale” and he gets a message back along the lines of getting your home address and then the visit from assorted types, HMRC etc, will make your life a misery until you die.

What was a drinking voucher for my Hessian chums is a completely different beast now.

Drinking vouchers are Approved Activity Vouchers in reality, there is no more money. Money has all gone. It got stolen over a very long period during which the objectives of the AAV, the desired outcomes, mutated slowly towards the unemployed society and eventually to the dead society.

The Great Enterprise seeks to bring the earth to a state of stasis, with no activity, no unapporoved thought and no freedom. When the usefullness of commerce and industry is finshed they will be removed. Those who want to work rather than worship will be expunged from existence. Those who think will die. Those who feel for humanity will be extinguished.

Freedom, industry, travel have all been temporary features within the life of the eternal AAV.

What’s brought on this miserable prospectus today?

Well I was listening to John Stadtmiller’s Roundtable last evening and they asked the question “Just WTF happened to UKplc. Have they given up?” which kind of chimed with some of my own thoughts in the past week.

Secondly I’ve been following Webster Tarpley’s recent reports from Libya. Now I’m not up with a pyromaniac foundation bitchboy with the stupid shades, stupid hats and stupid clothes however it is obvious that the street gang have turned on one of their members to steal the stuff there and set back the people’s development. Tarpley is the only one that I have heard so far actually state the obvious. RCE/TA wants the Libya water. I told you a little while back that there is a Harem’s Curtain decending across the Med. When it comes down you will not get to hear anything about what is really going on behind it.

Thirdly Akira put up a great little item today and this is the one that really interests me because it shines a little light on what is coming globally and what happened in UKplc a long, long while ago.

Dog-Meat Lovers vs Dog Lovers

I particularly love this line.

“Most of the dogs they unloaded were strays, and many were dehydrated, malnourished or suffering from deadly viruses.”

I’ve got to say that knowing how high the food standards are in ChiComm land, how wonderful the products for human consumption shipped from the slaving state to the land of the free recently, how ethical are the favourites of the turncoat killer Soros, that I wouldn’t want to be eating anywhere that was serving up chopped up virus vectors as my main meal.

I’ve got mates heading out there soon and I don’t want some sort of strange mutated canine virus coming back through Heathrow customs in a few months time.

Remember that this kind of slaver state, where there are no protections, because government is RICO, for ordinary people against the gangster banksters and their bosses is the model that AGENDA21 wants to bring to a cul de sac near you, oh UKplc. Brought to you by the fools in the coagulation and their predecessors.

So back to the hairy dog story.

Notice that there is a new powerful group of AAV rich city dwellers, organised to care less about their fellow human beings than they do about Fido. Notice the chaos they caused. Compare to this geezer and the outcomes. Also notice that they cared so much for the pooches they never considered what might happen to the poor mutt driving the truck. He’s not as AAV rich and now he is ruined in a land of no opportunities.

I can see you’ve jumped ahead of my thoughts here so I’ll haul us away on a different tak again. 20 odd years between a solitary geezer getting victimised by the system and a solitary geezer getting victimised by the system. So much changed and yet so little changed. The agenda is millenia old.

One of the many redacted, perverted, omitted, forgotten, suppressed and down write burned from existence parts of the story of Abraham, is that part of the monologue must have included the phrase “Get them to love animals more than their fellows”. That must be one f the many approved activities described in the great big hidden book “A billion and one ways to deflect mankind so that they don’t get organised against me. The Djinn. Heathen Press c15,000BC.” That book has to be the mot powerful thing ever handed over to psychopaths globally. It is still at work today in the most curious of places. Today its work is revealed by the doggy diner incident in ChiCommland. Land of the djinn.

What these highly motived 21st century equivalents of the young pioneers of the iSOVIET have revealed is one of the ways that the iGREEN agenda is going to go homicidal. Just like the iRED agenda went sckrypto so is the iGREEN designed to do so. It always has to tap into a latent tendancy of human kind, under the correct tutelage and persuasion, to start hating our fellows by designating them as the perverts against the legal order.

If you remember PARSLEY’s adventures in droneland a little while back where I deliberately couched the fiction as an advanced Western force killing off poor breeders out near the Ganges delta? Some poor starving slobs, living on the edge of existence, a family outwith the enchanted circle. Huddling down at the end of a day searching through rubbish tips or scavenging in sewers. Lighting up a small fire to fricassee a rat or two. Getting blown out of existence by a drone working on behalf of the UN AGENDA21 crowd, then you’ll get an insight into the mind set of what I’m talking about.

Give these iGREEN clowns and inch and they’ll take our lives without missing a heart beat.

Imagine the ChiComm drone killers at work sterilising their countryside, whilst their pekinese are home safely watching doggy telly in the iGREEN habitationpod in downtown Shanghai. Just like the iRED got to work removing their native problem from Russia. Just like the iMAO swept away millions. Just like the iPOT in Cambodia. They all got their designated AAVs.

Now here’s something to really scare the crap out of you. Give the coagulation and their successors another decade to make us really poor, UKplc. Give them a decade to pass more useless statutes where iGREEN AAVs are the universal currency. A decade to reduce and denude our armed forces to a pedillo off Bognor. Then how many drinking vouchers do you bet me that one of these might not be overhead as you fire up a barbie in Hartlepool. Skulking on UN business. And then you are history. Well you wouldn’t be because the victors write history and since you are just trying to survive in Yorkshire you don’t exist.

Don’t snikker UKplc you started this pets better than human beings malarky, amongst other mongplays, from the great big hidden book.