Monday 18 July 2011

Are you starving?

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Not this kind of hunger, which Maximum was warning about over a year ago now. How come Max and guest could describe this coming genocide all that time ago and yet these muppets only get their heads out of their BAFTAs and Oscars when the GGT shows us the dying ceremony again? You can have all the colours of the rainbow staining your soul, except life itself when you are in the employ of the faminers and rationers.

If we who watch Maximum regularly knew it was coming then what were the professionals in the MSM doing? What do they do with their shiney big scrolls showing them degreed holders in journalism or English? What were they worshipping with their hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling per year in false apostasy?

I’ll ask you again.

Do you starve?

Do you wretch dry at the sight of the wretched drying in the bleaching sun? Those deliberately consigned to the death camps. Mark my words, when you witness the starving you see the visitation of the heathen pirates upon us. If you’ve read through Global Avoidable Mortality, read of the Irish famine, studied the Depression era USofA corp deaths then you will know that only when the heathen and their sacred ritual of trade and markets are evidenced do ordinary people starve to death in huge numbers. Go on prove me wrong you phukk d’witz!

The hunger we feel, the appetite which drives us, the unquenchable thirst we nurse is the indelible remnant marking us, all of us, of those who died with empty stomachs centuries ago. Look back into your familial history and I guarantee that everyone reading here will have kin who were driven by famine. Their unrealised memory forcefeeds us today. We are ravenous in the current of the effluent that is modern sustainance. Empty calories handed to us in a gruel bucket slopped from the table of the mighty. We will never accept the given and we will always see the truth.

We cannot help it. It is who we are. It is who we were and it is who we will be.

We died long before the first aid kit appeared to assuage the masses. We died alone or in groups outside the city gates outwith the ken of the comfortable and satiated, and we died knowing that others would follow who would never, ever eat enough to rest their weary bones in peace.

We are not useless eaters, nothing you could offer can nourish us.

Starvation cannot kill us.

We cannot rest.

That is why we hunger so.