Tuesday 12 July 2011

The most beautiful girl in the World.

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A long time ago in a classroom far, far away your correspondant sat in a room, with 30 or so others, getting into Modern History. The sun would flood through the classroom windows and it was there that I first fell in love with the anime sky as I gazed out and up. At the time of course I didn’t really know about anime, but I could feel the sky and the emotions it engendered.

Also at that time, I had the luxury of conducting the first of what has proven to be a long line of experiments in shape shifting. What do I mean by that? Well it was clear from my earliest days that the forces at work on me intended that I evidence as some sort of manufactured entity, shaped to conform and confirm their prejudices. I was determined to warp that process to my own ends and result in my own shape which, for the majority I’ve encountered has been, for them, indefinable.

Yet there are those who feel and have correctly identified the shape I’m in. As a good friend remarked at our last barbie. She saw what was flipping the burgers. However that is another story.

Anyhoo the first of these experiments was my contention that I did not have to read any of the prescribed texts or course work to pass the end of year exam. Though of course I would partake of the classroom banter, he was a great teacher, and general sticking hands in the air malarky. No I contended that in order to pass I need do nothing more than watch GGT’s Newsnight. A not unpleasant task in the days before it became infested with clearly Manchurian foundation boybitch trolls like Wark and Maitlis, psuedo cultured multikulti Stepford manikins. Deep pocketted, on message wraithes and spell casters, who cannot even speak their own words. They are the purest example of the retarded state.

When I look back at the material I was supposed to drink in, I believe that I was and am justified. Aparteid, Civil rights in USofA corp, Modern European Union etc. All the mindwash to take the power of reason away. Never a mention of real slavery.

“What’s real slavery then INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you ask. Well this is real slavery, and this. We broke out of it without anyone’s help and now that the rights givers have washed onto our shores the state of slavery is coming back.

Get this straight there are no rights, just freedom. Anyone who claims to be giving you rights is a slaver in disguise. Fools.

When the final exam results came in yours truly had been vindicated, no sweat. However my teacher remarked that if I had paid attention and actually not relied on general knowledge I would have spanked it. Well there was the crux of the matter. If I had gone after that position in the top percentile I would have had to absorb the crap being dished out in the conditioning process. And I was having none of it. I have always detested those who peddle Reduced Instruction Sets. That is what all ists are. RISCriminals. Feminists, racists, anti-fascists, communists, Maoists, environmentalist, afryingpantheists, rainbowcoaliotionists, exopoliticists, allmentalists ad infinitum. It is a jigg and license to steal for the lazy. Those who cannot think for themselves, those who need a lifetime’s crutch or cover for their crime. Systems lovers who can say without fear of contradiction whilst standing knee deep in a lifetime's addiction to being in the presence of dead people “What me? I had nothing to with this, it was the system what did it! Hold on whilst I wipe the brain matter and blood spatter from my machinepistol barrel”

No thinkee thankee.

No I did it my way and I didn’t drop the desired key words or phrases, standardised quotations, I couldn’t give a fuck what MLK said, I couldn’t give a flying one where Giscard D’Estaing or Ted Heath gloryholed and cottaged, I was not interested in the slightest in the principles of Maxism that Maoist retarded ANC terrorists espoused. It was all a load of manufactured happenstance. Not real, not fact. I didn’t trot out the usual rubbish about constitutional theory or liberty. Even then I could feel that there was a great big Punch and Judy show taking place which was designed to stop me feeling. The game to give me a removed ersatz thought process. Processed and denatured thinking. Divorced from reality and humanity.

Then one sunny Friday afternoon during the Mod Studs. class we were asked the question that sort of sums it all up.

“Who, here, would rather be dead than Red?”

Now this could take for ever to rationalise, to think through, to debate. It could take a life time’s reading and study to form even a tentative opinion.

However I saw it for what it was. The question really was the usual warping of reality into the fiction factory of daily ritual, worship and ceremony. That was how profound the words were in a language that is deliberately engineered to dull our spirits. Don’t get me wrong the great poets of the pretechnological age made the language sing, but that is a mark of their genius in using a substandard material for their constructs.

The real question was.

“Who, here, is human?”

I felt that right there, right then, and up went my hand.

After a few seconds I looked around the class and there was only one other hand raised.

Anne, at that moment and ever since, I have always thought of you as the most beautiful girl in the world.