Wednesday 13 July 2011

What is wrong with this picture? A road trip part 9.

Let me ask you a couple of rhetorical questions. Rhetorical because the fact you are reading here would tend to suggest an answer in the affirmative.

Do you care about who runs this world and why? Do you want to know why these people have been at this enterprise, unbroken now for millenia, without a care for you and me?

As I was heading south again I wondered about my fishy mate the FM. Would he answer in the affirmative? Or is he just another schytso nationalist puppet taking his orders. I mean this lad is no Ho, on no. Not for him the tunnels of Cu Chi, he’d rather swank around a massivley over blown, foolishly expensive, occult, ritualist architect designed talking shop, whilst keeping the peasants out on the street. Don’t be laughing England plc, your turn is next. I love watching the bipolar nature of the manipulated Scottish nationlist, the classic example being when the movie directed and starring the Abrahamic denier hit the big screens. Now if you’d pointed out to the red in the face nationalists spilling onto the street after watching the stirring vision of Scots sticking the nut into the English, that their hero was a dirty Teague, in fact everyone there was a Feinian bastard, well have you ever seen a robot go into an infinite loop caused by a metaphysical contradiction? There you have it.

However once you’d started the riot you’d find yourself reflecting that the geezer causing all the trouble was in fact a descendent of the human sacrificers long established in the Italian peninsula from all points leading to Babylon. I mean would you fuck the Pope? Would you? Well someone did. Imagine the scene. In some anteroom on the Seven Hills someone with a dick got a right hardon when gazing at the fair bishop. Now his thoughts were either…

“Phwoooar, that Pope looks tasty, it is not a bloke it’s a Shiela. Right I’m having her and the bitch daren’t say a word.”


“Phwoooar, that Pope looks tasty, he’s getting it up the chocolate highway, I’m getting the come on. WTF it’s a Shiela!?”

No matter how it played out though, she seems to have been taking a lot of encyclicals during her cycle and so a load of Papal bull did issue.

You see, all this stuff carries on to this day. One load of hand job for the masses, and another discrete little world for the guys in charge. I can safely say that it will not have changed for the nature of the two classes, the masses and the sacred families have not changed at all.

What is this guy, whom I’ve watched for decades now, swan around getting nowhere. What has he done to change the game? In that respect he is just like uncle Ho, though I haven’t heard of the FM ever washing dishes on a tramp steamer. Why now, why is the fortunes suddenly smiling on the nationalists. He had played his part well. We can tell that because there has never been a spunk drenched dead PalamBang ladyboy found draped over his holiday villa balcony one morning. Now I’m not sugesting that the FM is in anyway sexually deviant. You know why one would get Strauss Kahned or PalamBanged. You stay on message and never deviate no matter how deviant you are.

Well I reckon that what we have here is the latest stage in the dissolving of anything that could organise widely enough or focussed enough to challenge the geezers who thought it would be good idea to set up shop on the Seven Hills. Just to clue you in here a bit more on the nature of these post barbarian, see The Bomb Line. 6 of ? when it comes out, clerics, check out the layout of their churches. From the greatest to the smallest they were aparteid. And you thought that was a new invention, eh? Whenever you see a wall being imposed there you will find the agents of Ba’al Hammon at work.

My foundation buddy, does he know what part he’s playing? Or does he not care? Simply content to drape himself in a false flag of convenience. Does he not know that whatever he is FM for, it is to be just an ineffectual spec on the globalists secret map. Somewhere to be managed like crop rotation. No one is to have free thought. Which should be anathema for a Scot.

By the time these fools have finished there will be nothing in the land where big red coos wander, big redhaired men worry the sheep and the livestock in the herd believe themselves, mostly, red. The EUSSR will start to really turn the screws once Scotland is fully stipended from Brussels. Just try saying no to the hand that feeds you. RCE/LC really cannot wait to be rid of the lands that surround it. That whorehoos in ‘Burgh will be decanted of elected clowns and handed over to the guys for whom it was always planned. The sacred iGREEN Soviets.

The guys with real money who covet the pleasant climes of Scotland will be shown the best bits and instructions will be sent out from the EUSSR estate agency to the administration flunkies in the puke inducing palace of the people to arrange for the transfer of woods, farmland, grouse moors, golf courses, rolling parklands, tors in fact whatever the guys with the money want. And the locals, who have no money, will get cleared. Think I’m kidding? What do you think Greece is all about? Do you think that because the fools that owned the land got themselves fleeced in the RCE/LC gambling and whoring dens in the 18th century, are they are not analogous to the behaviour of HMG this past 20 years, that it cannot happen again? No matter what you believe it doesn’t matter. Oh yes it will happen again. UKplc has no MONEEE! The heathen and the slavers have ALL the money. You believe in markets? Well guess what? The guy with the real monee buys what he wants and engineers the desired outcome. The poor die. The FM is just playing his part, he’d like to keep his holiday villa free of stiffs. He wouldn’t dare answer in the affirmative to any questions we might consider.

Now that was my thoughts when I got to the top end of the M6 just north of Preston and it was time for a slash.