Wednesday 13 July 2011

The Bomb Line. 6 of ?

Whenever one looks over the history of the people’s surrounding the great lake that is the Med one sees two independent forces at work. Flight to safety from funny money financed marauding barbarians and the struggle between the Greeks and the Heathenites from Babylon.

As you know I suspect, indeed I can feel it in my bones, that we, the vulgar, get no where near the real histories that are known. All we get are redacted and clueless statements about Dark Ages, Sea Peoples, vagueries about belief systems, no mention of sacred money and certainly no hint that anyone did anything before 5000 BC.

Well as I illustrated previously the overall legends that we are supposed to swallow are put there to hide a great deal. Keep the following out of polite conversation please, white people in China, white people in South America, black people in Central America, Chinese in Africa and South America, mysterious Phoenicians, Roman trade with South America, Phoaroes snorting lines of blow and chewing baccie, all these things are not for the vulgar to consider. You can tell that something is amiss by the complete Soviet gulag behaviour of USofA corp academia to anyone presenting evidence that peoples other than the officially sanctioned aboriginals were present in North America before 10,000BC. That COMINTERN approach is a big flag waving at us saying that there something hidden there that is known about very well. Why would they do this, well it is all part of the great big psyop that has been running for over a century now to destroy the west.

So when I look at that bomb line in 1945 I have to put it into a more valid framework. Non vulgar. Perhaps accidentally mapping over the secret map V33.11.

The first time the Greeks burst onto the scene is through works attributed to Hesiod and Homer. Who hasn’t read the story of Hector, tamer of horses, and Achilles, son of a godess, and if those chaps did actually exist then I’m sure they’d be happy to know that we know their handles and story over 3000 years later. That was the whole point of existence back then, to have your name remembered. The whole Trojan War story must have taken virually the whole of the Mycenean economy to finance, and more. Then we get a Dark Age.

What do we know about Troy. Well it appears to have been a client state of the Hittites. That much can be discerned from the cuniform tablets found in an apparent tax or accounting post long abandoned. Here’s another little clue to there being something deliberately left in the dark. From what I can gather there are thousands of papyri, who knows how many cuniform tablets and shed loads of other records parked in storage somewhere untouched. When I found that fact out about 15years ago now, around the time I first read about Gobekle Tepe, I thought that someone ought to get a team of top under grads together at freshers week and entice them over to the crypto archeology dept for a life time’s Raiders of the Lost Ark type adventures. Nope, no sign of it at all. All we’ve got is theft of tablets from the Bagdad and Cairo museums. More evidence that someone’s up to something. Just watch the Damascus or Tehran museums get looted if there is a shooting match. There is a secret search on.

So if we are to believe the usual GGT presented, Waterstone’s proffered and mind slackingly dire story of what happened in the Med from 4000BC until today then all you’ll get is total BS on the characters and belief systems involved in the action.

You will not get real history, it all has to be made unclear and mudified, so much the better for us not to see the same M.O. of the perps at work today.

A classic example, which should start alarm bells ringing in USofA corp, is the process by which Rome became Babylon. Here my suspicions are alerted to, as you know by now, the deep, unfathomable mystery associated with the disappearance of the 3 legions of Varus. When ever there is a “deep mystery” or “Dark Age” you know that the perps are keeping us vulgar.

The Roman Republic ended up with a load of slaves, quickly freed by Rome, from the conquered territories of the Seleucid rump of Alexander’s old empire. Such was their numbers that Rome actually became Babylonian. Romans replaced by slaves. Roman citizens were spending their lives in the Legions getting killed and not reproducing whilst the slobs from Babylon were lying around screwing, breeding and wining and dining. Their buddies from Carthage, long established after the salting, will have shown them the ropes after pulling the old Babylonian money makers trick of destabilising the society you want to rob. All this chaos just as the Republic swung over to Imperium. Displace the natives and put in their place your buddies and get the pyre working again for Ba’al Hammon. Varus and the 30,000 Roman citizens were conveniently removed from existence during this Babylonisation of Rome. Now you should be getting the idea of just what was going on with Nero, Claudius and assorted mentalists at the end of this period. Just like Lenin, Stalin, Kaganovich etc. they were all in thrall to Ba’al. A mad god for a bunch of murderous madmen. I don’t think I need spell out what is happening in USofA corp right at this time. You can work it out.

So here’s INCOMING!!!!!!!’s potted history of the Med and surrounding territories for the adept.

In the beginning the Mediterranean was a Phoenician lake upon which sacred voyages of commerce were undertaken in honour of the god Ba’al Hammon’s appetite for gold. You know, the one that spoke to Abraham.

Into their seas the Greeks arrived and upset the plan, however after a thousand years, the vigour of the Greeks was destroyed and their lands emptied by the power of money magik from Babylon.

Into the lake the Romans arrived and upset the plan, however after 300 years, the power of the Romans was in Ba’al’s hands and they set about expanding the reach of their power to lands further north of the Med on Ba’al Hammon’s command, for he sought all the gold in the world. The prime aim of the sacred voyages of commerce.

Then the Germans arrived, and not just upset the plan. For the Greeks had heard the Word and destroyed the works of Ba’al Hammon. The Germans overran the sacred lands of Ba’al Hammon right up to the borders of Alexandria. Lo there was a gnashing of teeth and a wailing, no more sacrifice to Ba’al Hammon.

However deep in the magik money making temple in Babylon there was hatched a plan and agents went abroad to start the process of reclaiming the sacred lake of Ba’al Hammon.

First to Rome, where guess which group of, so called Italian, families were to provide the Popes, and Mecca, then later to Khazaria, the return of Ba’al Hammon’s lake was started. The Greeks were going to pay, so were the Germans. What do we find in the German lands, the return to Ba’al of his ancient fiefdom all the way to Gaul under a green flag. Then slowly the Greeks disappeared again under the green.

At this point I’m going to leave the tale incomplete because I want to fast forward with a bit of clarification and prediction. Those who know their British empire history will know that there has always been an all out effort to stop Russia getting a warm water port. Specifically there was no way that Imperial Russia was getting in to the Med. If you understand, told you England plc you were next, who is what and where then the English have not been English for 500 years. They’ve been occupied by Ba’al Hammon’s agents. So now you understand the real reason the Greeks in Muscovy were not getting back into his lake when Brittania ruled the waves. Secondly, now that the Muscovites have a port on his lake you can expect that port to get nuked.

Right then back to the bomb line.

Ba’al Hammon has never forgotten the energy of the German race, displayed in its rampaging all over the western part of his lake. This free energy was a direct threat even after they disappeared under the Islamic breakout from Arabia. The roll back halted in the west near Paris and in the east near Vienna one thousand years later. The mission wasn’t finished and so the pirate base in RCE/LC engineered the conditions of destroying that nation when the time was right, starting with the downfall of Bismark. It wasn’t just a mission to destroy the physical, it was to destroy the intellectual and spiritual basis of the race.

If you’ve gone looking for the short musings I had on the ziggurat line which corresponds to Ba’al Hammon’s borders around Ceaser’s youth, and if you know about the linguistics line splitting Europe, which corresponds to Ba’al H’s border when Cologne was established, just before Varus. Then let me explain what I see as the objective of the bomb line.

The line was established by carpet bombing German cities, targetting select research establishments and factories, though interestingly the German property of Ba’al’s worshippers based in RCE/NY remained untouched, comparatively, and preparing the way for a complete destruction of the German’s by reduction to a pastoral existence of a much smaller population. Underneath this plan there was also a process of flushing out secret German research from the West to a place in the East where Rothschild’s expensively bought killing machine could sweep up the prize. This was a part of a religiotechnical war. There was absolutely no way that a British/Commonwealth army was going to fight its way into Germany. No way. We don’t do massed armies, we are a 5% nation. Remember?

Have you looked through those German weapon production figures achieved when their economy finally went over to a war footing from 1942? Not just the numbers but the types of weapons being produced and the techniques employed to manufacture them. Finally the location of the highest spec and highest tech. Places like this, Die Reise, that I’ve already touched on, all on the other side of the bomb line. Or more precisely on what was to be the Red Army’s slice of Eastern Europe. Now why would you want to have Stalin get his mits on the hi tech kit? Why would you use stretgic bombing like a louse comb, sweeping more and more of the factories and productive capacity into containers that Uncle Joe will pick up. Places that never got bombed like the Skoda works in Pilsen, indeed anywhere in the RiechsProtektorate. Places in Austria, Slovakia, Bohemia, Silesia.

Well if you are going to establish a new citadel for Ba’al on his lake again then you’d want your servants to get the bestest tech and swiftly remove it to that new pirate base using reliable agents, wouldn’t you? Are the Yanks going to do it? No. They haven’t succumed yet and are gullable. The Brits? No. To knackered and their proles are not yet Ba’al’d enough. The French? No they are all dead after the first big one. So the guys that will soon be hitting the beach at Haifa are the one’s to do it. They all await or are already a part of the Soviet system and will really piss Stalin off when they reveal themselves as Zionists.

Now the next question is, was the bomb line successful?