Thursday 7 July 2011

Would you fly BabelZyon Airlines?

Would you? I know they have the most stringent airport security in the world.

Babelbolloxphish switched to ON.

They don’t bomb their own flights. Unless in extremis. Since Ba’al Hammon will consume his own.

BBP switch to OFF.

Like this guy Soros, what’s your real handle?, the one you wear in front of Ba’al Hammon. The slaver loving turncoat. He can make a market anywhere. Even in a fictional death oven.

Like his mate Strong he thinks that ChiCommland is iGREEN and sustainable. A model for the future of humanity.

BBF st ON.

He hates humanity and loves, I mean loves in that getting a great big hardon way, a hardon he’ll shuv down your throat, a killer erection, wiping off millions and millions and billions and wetdreamillions of people. He loves death to death. OHHHHHH I've just cum!!!


Just so long as he can stroll around in the greatest luxury not wanting for anything.

So back to the RCE/TA. Would you fly in anything that these slobs put together in the pirate base? Would you? So why do you buy your staples from them? Would you trust their food not to be laced with death? Would you?

Once they’ve bought all our politicos and subverted everything we put together do you think that the pirates can resist poisoning us and our loved ones? Do you? Do you think that Rothschild’s fire base is the mark of a humanitarian or the sign that we are watching humans at play at day2day brigandage? What do you reckon the Lady Liberty heard that day in 1967? Ba’al Hammon’s sacred Lead Pill NecroPharmancy liquidating the locals sonderkommando stylee und einsatzgruppen NKVD, just like they’d been trained to do in the Pripyet by Rothschild’s Soviet killers decades before. Which do you reckon? Are you awake? Can you see the misslies coming over to blast your green and peasant land to shit some time soon? Sometime after the great harem curtain has decended from Athens to Tunis? Can you? Do you know or even have the slightest inkling of what is really happening in this world?

Do you?

RCE/TA is a nation state pirate base, Tortuga sur Med, in a world where the nation state is being destroyed by the inhabitants of the pirate state. They are a moral solvent made flea. RCE/TA is the gangmaster’s license to work us all to death.


Ba’al Hammon has established his power over you again.


Would you go into any airport or building where they ran security? Would you? Would you trust their ability to suppress their bicameral mind enough to join the rest of humanity and protect you? Would you entrust yourself and your loved one’s to their reality creation spaces? Where you will disappear in a fictional outburst of screenwrighting and scream making? Would you? Do you? Would you trust the bipolar pirates to run anything that you need to live your daily life?

Then why do you let them run your communications, water, sewage, food distribution, heat, power, schooling theory, crop rotation, fucking and daylight supply? Why?

What is it that you do not understand about the nature of business, of the deal?

Don’t you get the way it works? Don’t you know that if you give a corporation money it immediately pockets half that money for its own directors pleasure, treasure and charity and then seeks slaves to lash into semi fuldefilementedifilment of its contract. With each contracted cycle more and more slaves join the circus until one day your own child is the slave and you die. Alone!! Don’t you get it yet?

Don’t you understand that the business model we all fall for is a religious mission to destroy all of humanity? Don’t you get it yet?

There is no more business, just a religion run out of the religioKriminal pirate base.

So why are you so careless with your life and your child’s life? A life that is not owned by Ba’al Hammon. Are you a child abuser then? If not I see no evidence to the contrary over the past 70 years. What are you?

Why do you allow yourself to be groomed every day by the child killing djinn?

Are you stupid or just ignorant?

Are you so sure that you will win against the djinn in the battle for your children?

Are you?

Or are you just crops in the djinn’s toy farm?