Friday 15 July 2011

The Bomb Line. 8 of ? The unhappiest human? In the world.

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Just to illustrate how weird the world is, I’ll bet you didn’t know that Barry Soetoro’s maternal great uncle “helped liberate” the dump? Did you?

Are you getting the propaganda vibe yet?

So let us start this arse about face.

Imagine, dear fellow bloggers, that in UKplc Group4 got a contract to make us bloggers do some work for a change, instead of sitting on our fat arses all day bitching about the boybitches and bitchboys that rule us. For USofA corp it would be a contract given to Halliburton/KBR to shuv us all in a prison facility run by the slavers. If you are sensitive to these things that is what the News International fiasco is kicking off. Free blogging will be illegal soon.

Anyway we all get rounded up and stuck somewhere secret in the military/corporate/fascist/gulag system fabricating ooohhh let me see, …em yes…. rubber bullets or tear gas canisters or bioweapons. We get left to rot because we are not coming out alive. I won’t take the analogy further, I know you can fill in the last stage of the ecology at the end of this outburst.

Well let us stretch credulity further. Imagine we get liberated.

Now I just want you to pause there and reflect.

Imagine we get liberated? It would never happen. Why? Because the whole world has gone RICO. The good citizens, freemen of USofA corp have been liquidated from history. Consider that. If we allow the RICO clowns to continue we are never coming back.

So we get liberated from this facility which is protected by barbed wire and gun towers, large wooded surroundings, one track in and out, commercial confidentiality and a sychophantic MSM.

Can you believe how absurd it would be to then dragoon the nearest villagers and townsfolks, of say Bicester or Cedar Falls, through the gates to be taught a lesson in what was happening under commercial secrecy miles and miles from their own vegetable patches? A lesson in what? Don’t let the banksters in charge of your society again? Don’t listen to your MSM? Stick you noses where they are not wanted? Go and storm the gates of a perfectly legal slave labour facility that you don’t know about, the whole of UKplc will fall into that category soon, get tazered for your trouble by the local NKVD/Private Security firm and then spend the rest of your life working on the inside of said facility with the subversive ex blogging addicts?

What an absurdity.

Now I want you to pay attention now to the geezer with the PLO neckerchief. He’s well fed alrighty. He’s giving the 3,4 and 5 stars a guided tour of his prison. Funny how there are so many well fed types hanging around these place of death to give witness testimony.

Now you and I know he must be the most miserable geezer in Christendom at this point in his glorious career.


Well he got liberated by the USofA corp that’s why, what an O’Bummer!!!!

Now do you want me to fill in the blanks or can you suggest what really happened. All the clues are there.

Go on drop me a line.